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Debut album

Heaven and home

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Bellingham duo, Woolly Breeches, showcase a wide array of traditional sounds that will take you on an emotional journey. From the dark heartbreak of Appalachian ballads, to rip-roaring fiddle tunes, to country classics that'll have you swooning over your sweetie and cursing lost love, the pair weave a blend of Old-Time sensibility, chilling vocal harmonies, and an endearing sense of humor that is all their own. As Woolly Breeches, this dynamic pair connects past to present, seamlessly blending traditional American music with poignant and captivating original songs.

Between the two of them, our favorite pair of Breeches wear many hats.

Brit Keeton spends her days teaching fiddle lessons, playing any fiddle she can lay her hands on, lending her magic touch to numerous gardens, biking to the ends of the earth and back, and immersing herself in Old Time music.

McKain Lakey leads her voice and banjo students on wild musical escapades in the moments when she isn't building guitars, burying herself in skeins of merino at her yarn-shop day job, working as a live sound engineer, or engaged in handywoman adventures around town.

Combining forces, the pair bring a deep passion for music and an untamable zest for life to the music they play. Looking to dance, laugh, cry, reminisce, dream, embrace the moment? Then they may be the pair for you.

As Woolly Breeches, Brit and McKain are on a mission to connect the past to the present- to learn about the music that shaped our country, and the stories that continue through time. In addition to exploring their current home in the Northwest, the duo are plotting journeys across the the US to share their music, connect with communities through their dynamic and all-inclusive workshops, and use music as a tool to tell the stories that set us apart and bring us together.

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Heaven and Home

by Woolly Breeches

Our debut album- available for digital download on bandcamp, itunes, amazon, and wherever else you get your tunes! 

Physical CDs available at: